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Terms of Service

Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service

Western Illinois Online Classified Ads is made available free of charge by Infobahn Outfitters, Macomb, Illinois.

Your Responsibilities

You are welcome to post an ad, providing you adhere to the guidelines below, common courtesy and etiquette. By posting an ad, you agree that you

  • understand that information identifying the IP address assigned to your computer will be posted with your ad. This information can be used to identify your Internet service provider. In many cases, this information can ultimately be used to identify you as the submitter of the ad.
  • will submit a valid email address with your ad
  • will not post any any material that is knowingly false, misleading, inaccurate, or violates copyright law
  • will not harass, threaten, abuse, or attack anyone
  • will not use profanity, obscene, sexually suggestive language or reference web sites that do
  • will not violate any laws or advertise illegal activities
  • will not impersonate anyone, forge or manipulate computer identifiers to disguise the origin of the posting
  • will not post ads in categories that are unrelated to the content of the ad.

You are legally responsible for the information you post. You may be prosecuted for postings that misrepresent the truth, are slanderous or libelous in nature, or violate laws or statutes. By using this free service, you take responsibility for your postings.

Additional Policies

Infobahn Outfitters may, at any time, for any reason, remove ads posted and/or restrict future posting priveleges for any reason. Should you continue to post ads that violate the rules, Infobahn Outfitters may under the law take any actions we deem necessary, including terminating your services, contacting your service provider, and taking legal action against you to recover monetary damages.

Infobahn Outfitters cannot moderate or otherwise monitor or review the contents of every advertisement and we do not accept responsibility for the contents of any advertisement.

Infobahn Outfitters reserves the right to disclose information when required by law or in the good-faith belief that such action is necessary or to comply with a legal action served on Infobahn Outfitters, Inc. Those requesting information beyond the UTC time stamp and the IP address automatically posted with each advertisement should be prepared to provide a court order and submit a standard fee for labor. Please understand that in many cases, no additional information will be available beyond this time stamp and IP address as publically displayed.

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